Haircolor is an art.  The best color respects the integrity of the hair and makes it appear vibrant and touchable.  No matter what the shade - blonde brunette or red (I love them all!)- haircolor looks best with contrast, which can be subtle or dramatic, and the use of different pigment weights within the hairshaft.  Even a traditional "all over" color looks best when some slight shading is woven through the hair at regular intervals. I am constantly evaluating and checking in with my clients regarding the color and color formulas.  Generally, a "color formula" needs to be adjusted on a regular basis to accommodate changing weather and water conditions as well as vacations, haircuts and just a change of mind!

The most important aspect of any haircolor line are it's pigment weight, calibration and pH.  There are is so much misinformation within the beauty industry - if it doesn't take these three scientific truths into account -all claims are suspect. Because of the diversity of my clients' needs, I use and am knowledgeable of several lines of color and use the lines that I do for their durability, various pigment weights and respect to the hair condition.  I believe in extensive consultations and always listen and will offer advice based on skin tone, eye color, hair texture and personal maintenance needs.