SERAFINO SAYS BLOG - “Celebrity Hair Colorist Tohmas Elmlund – Beauty Beyond” - July 2012

by Tohmas Elmlund in


Written by Kristan Serafino

As a hairstylist sometimes your worst client is another hairstylist.  Today I was that person!  Very much like the fable of the shoemakers kid, it seems as if you are forever standing behind the chair styling hair and never sitting in the chair having your hair styled.  Today was my lucky day.  My friend and Celebrity Colorist Tohmas Gustaf Elmlund was kind enough to take me on as his client.  Tohmas had his hands full….

As a hairstylist I can be slightly rambunctious and have too  much fun playing with all the samples of hair products that are sent to me for reviews.  What makes me even more excited is when bottles upon bottles of hair color are sent my way.  Normally this would not seem like a big deal given I am a hairstylist.  But since I specialize in hair cutting and not hair coloring this is not always a good thing….giggle!  And I can tell you from trial & error, being a hair colorist is truly a blend of science and art....