SERAFINO SAYS BLOG - “The Evolution of Ombre Hair Color” - November 2012

by Tohmas Elmlund in


Written by Celebrity Colorist Tohmas Elmlund

Loved the ombre hair color over the past few seasons but now beginning to feel all that dark rootiness is getting drab?  SerafinoSays asks renowned colorist Tohmas Elmlund to share his perspective on the direction of the ombre.

“I’ve started placing slices of highlights at varying widths and lengths, some all the way up to the root, some slightly off the root, but shattering the dark/light band of prior ombres.  After I take the highlights down I use two completely separate color formulas on client – one for the first 2-3  inches of hair and another for the remaining lengths.  The first formula is only slightly lighter then clients existing base color, making new highlights appear very much tone on tone at the root but enough of a difference to bring back some oomph at crown and face frame area – key in making skin pop again during these colder months.  The second formula is 3-4 shades lighter then first formula; allowing ends to have brightness and drama of original the ombre, but with a softer transition.....